Welcome to Erin!

Your Digital Language Platform

Acquiring another language is the starting point of a new cultural exploration, enabling effective communication and understanding of cultural nuances, traditions and practices of a community. Our fluency in language shapes our knowledge and interactions with others.

At Erin, our platform is designed to promote intrinsic learning motivation. Courses are broken into small sizes. Targets are made achievable. Success is celebrated.

Erin is a platform for all ages. Leveraging the power of technology, we aim to reach learners far and wide. We make language learning accessible and hope to inspire the learning of languages and promote appreciation of cultural diversity in our shared world.

Our Beginning.

Erin is a digital learning platform that was created as part of the global digital revolution in the Information Era. Its flagship company Erin Publishing House started in June 2009, from the kitchen table in a rented shophouse just off Joo Chiat Road in Singapore. We published our first Malay language book in 2010. By 2015, Erin has a portfolio of over 30 titles used in almost 100 schools, serving more than 100,000 students, setting new standards in Malay language education publishing in Singapore.

Our relentless endeavour began with a passion for the Malay language, its heritage and its importance for Singapore specifically for its Malay community. We believe in the broader importance of education and wanted to create educational media that would help our children excel. We fundamentally believe in the importance of excellence and 'not being average'.

Throughout our journey, we have been fortunate to meet with and learn from many educators, content creators, Malay linguists, parents and students from across the country and the region. Many have become our friends. Their remarkable support, encouragement and feedback have helped us enormously in the development of our publications and in furthering our pursuits. – Thank You!

"Our journey has been challenging and enriching, hard work and exciting in equal measures. Most importantly, these experiences together with the remarkable support of educators, parents and learners have inspired us to keep pursuing our dream of creating the very best educational material and a trusted language platform to facilitate your learning journey."

Riza Yacob
Founder & Director